About Us

Since November 2013, Goture has been supplying quality fishing tackle and advice to all of anglers at a very competitive price.

Goture Idea

Goture means that go to adventure literally, conforming to the nature of fishing - challenging in the wild. Goture is deeply rooted in the idea that the customer is priority. We believe that dedication to the customer and products is the main reason for realizing a dream. “Catch your rates and enjoyment” is our slogan, meaning that our products have high quality with competitive price and you can fully enjoy fun of fishing with products.

We concentrate on supplying you with quality fishing gears including fishing rods, fishing lures, fishing reels and all the fishing storage gears you may need, ensuring you have a wonderful fishing trip.

Goture Mission

To make as many people as possible enjoy fishing while offering the most satisfying brand experience.

Goture Development

Goture sales are growing constantly with product categories being enriched to meet different customer demands.

Surviving, growing and prospering from simple beginnings, nowadays, Goture has already become a global brand that achieves thousands of orders per year and earns trust and confidence from worldwide customers.

Goture Team

We have already set up a friendly and professional service team to help you exactly find out what you need and even tell you how to properly use products. We do our best to meet your needs.

Goture Advantages

High Quality - Manufactured products have been test strictly. We have experienced anglers to help development and detection. All products can be used in any conditions.

Competitive Price - For controllable cost, our products have reasonable prices. You can only spend a bit of money buying quality fishing gears from us.

Excellent Service - Pre-sale service can provide suggestions to you based on demands. After-sale service concentrates on all quality problems.